Printable Coupons

If you're not one to use coupons, you're definitely missing out! Seriously. You can save so much by using coupons! And if you can pair a coupon with a good sale, you've got it made! :) I did my grocery shopping today and was once again reminded of how wonderful it is to buy things on sale & use a coupon on the sale item. It makes me feel like a winner - like I beat the system! I'll post more about that later... But for now, I wanted to share a couple sites where you can get coupons online. This is where I get most of my coupons, since my local Sunday paper carries very few coupons. (that's what you get for living in the 'middle of nowhere'!)

Getting printable coupons online is simple. Some sites require that you first download a "coupon printer" thing of some kind - sorry, I forget what it is exactly - but it is safe! You simply check the coupons that you'd like to have, click 'print coupons' and waa-laa! :) You're not allowed to photocopy the coupons and there is usually a limit on how many you can print. I have noticed that for some reason I am not able to print them through Firefox & always have to use IE, but that may just be something goofed up with my computer! LOL! Who knows...!
So here are a few sites that I always like to check...
Proctor & Gamble

Also, you can receive coupons directly from their site or by signing up for newsletters from Kraft Foods, Pillsbury and other manufacturers.

So, next time before you go grocery shopping, make sure to check these sites for coupons you can use! I'm sure you'll find something! Your wallet will thank you! :)