Honey Bun Cake

I'm trying to stay away from so many sweets and eat healthier, but when I found a recipe for Honey Bun Cake, I just couldn't resist! You know what a honey bun is, don't you? Those large flat iced cinnamon rolls you can buy at a gas station or grocery store for a dollar or so? Yeah, you've seen them! We love them and this cake is a very good replica! You really should try this recipe - it's wonderful! ;) It works great as a dessert after dinner and is even better with coffee! Here is the link to the recipe: Honey Bun Cake


  1. we make this cake also. It is one of my husbands most favorite! Thanks for posting maybe I'll make it for his bday on Friday, I've been wondering what to do and it would be a nice surprise for breakfast!


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