Food for Friday: Pork Chops

One thing I love about modern technology is the ability to access online recipe sites! I have a whole list of recipe sites that I like to visit. One of those sites is

A few things that I love about this site are...

* A huge selection of recipes
* Tons of reviews on the recipes & tips on how to improve the recipes
* A wonderful recipe box that's very easy to customize
* Pictures!!! (I hate recipes without pictures!)
* Great articles & tips
* An abundance of categories

A couple years ago, I found a recipe for pork chops on this site and I've used it over & over. My family always loves it!

It's very easy to make! While the recipe calls for condensed chicken with rice soup, I usually just use a can of cream of chicken or mushroom soup and it works great! The sauce from the cooked pork chops works beautifully as a gravy for potatoes.

I hope you'll hop over to and check out this recipe and browse through their site!