Paper Organization

Are you always trying to get to the top of that mountainous stack of papers? If you're like many people, keeping the paper clutter under control and organized can be a real challenge at times!

I consider myself to be an organized person, so any area in my life that is unorganized really bothers me. Currently, that happens to be papers.

Recently, I came across an article about paper organizing that kind of put into words what I've been trying to accomplish with my filing system. Sometimes hearing someone else say it makes more sense to me! ;) The article speaks of organizing/filing your papers under two major categories: temporary & permanent. Temporary would be anything that needs action like bills and correspondence. Once completed, the temporary items should either be thrown away or move to a folder in the permanent section for archiving. It's a simple concept that I think could make a big difference. Now, I just need to get up the motivation to get it started!

So, I would like to know... What is your method of paper organization? What tips do have to share that have worked for you?