Menu Planning Monday

Happy Monday to you!
I'm making plans for a productive week, hopefully life will cooperate and I'll get a lot done. I'm starting out by making a menu for the week and going grocery shopping today.
Evening Meals for the week:
Tuesday: Dinner Out with Hubby - it's our 6th anniversary!
Wednesday: Pizza
Thursday: Cheddar Chicken Pie
Friday: Hot Dog Soup
Saturday: Chicken Parmesan
Sunday: Crock-pot BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Linking Here...

I'm using my Grocery iQ app on my iPod Touch to make out my grocery list. I have frequent grocery items saved in the history, complete with prices. I simply add them to the list in the app and it totals my items so I know if I'll be within my budget or not. I can add new items and change information about each item. When I "checkout", my list is cleared and all items are sent to my "history". It makes grocery shopping so organized - I love it!

So what's on your menu for this week?