My Son's New Recipe

My son has a new recipe he would like for you to try. It's called Stuffed Frog. Below, you'll find his very own special recipe. (in his own wording!) Hope you enjoy! ;)

Stuffed Frog
by Timothy B.
Tools needed:
Small hand-held sieve
Mixing Spoon
Machete (aka - small flat board taken from Daddy's wood shop)
Whisker (aka - Whisk)
1 Regular Frog
1 green pepper
1 giant handful of spaghetti
3 sprinkles of salt
6 sprinkles of parmesan
2 sprinkles of black pepper
20 tsp. sugar
3 cups flour
Mix all ingredients together. Put it in a pan. Decorate with a silly face using wax. Stick it in a 102* oven for 6 minutes. Eat!


  1. Sounds good! Especially the 20tsp. Sugar!

  2. I know I'm behind, but...this is hysterical! I just LOVE the things kids come up with! Thanks for sharing this!


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