Book Review: Everything Christmas

Yes, I realize we're not even two months past Christmas and to speak of anticipating Christmas is a little premature, but why not start planning now?!?! :)

I received the book, Everything Christmas, published by Waterbrook Press only a couple days after Christmas. I've really enjoyed reading through it over the past few weeks. I only regret I didn't get it a month earlier!

Have you ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated in Denmark or Jamaica? Or maybe you have wondered how to make roasted chestnuts. Have you ever thought about the history of a Christmas tree or Christmas Lights? Or how much would it cost to give all of the gifts for the twelve days of Christmas?

This book is one that you'll want to add to your Christmas collection! It is not one that you sit down and read in a few days, but rather is laid out like an advent book - for Christmas! It is designed to read from the first of December to the twenty-forth. As the title implies, it is full of all manor of Christmas ideas, traditions, songs, recipes, interesting facts, poems, and inspirational stories, all of which are indexed categorically in the back of the book.Click HERE to see a sample of what's inside!

I will definitely be using this advent book next Christmas and hope to begin a new family tradition with it! Definitely a great book for any family or individual! It is a great source for teaching children what Christmas is like in other parts of the world and even in years gone by. I would recommend this book to everyone!