CSN Tea Kettle Review

A few weeks ago, I posted this sharing with you the item I wanted to review for CSN Stores, a nice red tea kettle. Well, I got the tea kettle and have been using it. I'm glad to report that I am very happy with it!

One thing that I've never really liked about tea kettles is the shrill, ear-piercing whistle that some have. I was very happy to find that this one has a much lower, tolerable whistle, more like a fog horn. It's actually kind of nice. The kettle is very sturdy and well made. The glass lid is nice because I can see if the water is close to boiling. It's pretty enough that I can leave it on my stove top if I want to.

I really like my new tea kettle and I'm very happy with it. CSN Stores has not disappointed me!

*NOTE: CSN Stores is now Wayfair*


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