WW: How NOT to Eat a Banana


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  1. Hahahaha!!! That is funny. I guess the peel tastes as good as the inside.

  2. Ha, ha! That's too funny! I doubt he'll do it again!?

  3. That is too funny, my daughter has done that a few times. You'd think they'd learn the first time! Thanks for stopping by and linking up on my blog www.proverbs-31-wife.blogspot.com I am a new follower, and I hope to see you back at my blog soon!

  4. That is so funny, Rosa! It brought back a funny memory for me: my husband and I walked into the kitchen one day and saw our little three year old eating a hard-boiled egg - shell and all. My husband said, "You're not supposed to eat the shell!" She replied, "Daddy, you're just teasing me." It took a while to convince her he wasn't kidding. :)


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