8 Creative Valentine Boxes

Kids love making Valentine's Day boxes! Every year, I go online looking for some new ideas for this year's Valentine box. Today, I'd like to share a few ideas with you.

Beaker Valentine Box
My husband helped our son make a Beaker Valentine box last year. He was made from a large cereal box (thank you, Sam's Club!) and construction paper.

Alligator Valentine Box
I helped my son make this Alligator Valentine box a couple years ago. We used large wiggle eyes and construction paper. The base was a tissue box.

Corn Stalk House Valentine Box
My teenage brother created this amazing Corn Stalk House Valentine Box a couple years ago. He cut and hot glued the stalks together and it held up amazingly well! Very creative!

As I searched across the web, I came across some more great ideas for Valentine boxes...

I love this one from Birthday Blueprint. What a cute little Minion Valentine Box!

I found this fun little Piggy Valentine box at Giggles Galore. Such a cute project! Take a look at it - she has a great tutorial on making this Valentine box!

This cute little Birdhouse Valentine box from Make It Do would also be adorable!

I found this Pretty Valentine Box at All That Is Creative.

And finally, this adorable little Robot Valentine Box I found at Joy's Life.

Now, off to see what we will create for this year's Valentine box!