Detective Birthday Party, The Invite

My son loves to read and has learned to read very well. The first "big" book he read was The Swiss Family Robinson from the Classic Starts series. He loved it!! He soon began begging for more books and we were able to find several more books in the Classic Starts series, along with other classic books as well. One of those books was Sherlock Holmes. I believe it is the only one that he is now reading through for the second time - he loves it!! Sherlock Holmes sparked a new phase in my little guy's creative imagination - detective and spy work!

It came as no surprise when his birthday rolled around that he wanted a detective themed birthday party. So, with a little effort, that's what we did!

It was his first "real" birthday party - we invited friends over! Normally, birthdays have just been a party with family. But considering we will probably be living out on the east coast for his next birthday,  we thought we should give him a nice party this year. While I wanted to do the detective theme, I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I didn't go "all out". It was still very memorable!

We began by not letting him know what we were doing. I sent a confidential invitation to his friends, giving them a feel for the detective theme of the party...

The invite read:

Attention: Agent _____, Agent ______

You have been selected for a secret mission.

Date: ______

Location: _________

Mission: Agent _____ must reach Level 7 in the aging process. You must assist him. Your first mission is to decipher the code below.

(Inserted "birthday party" in the secret code)

Your top agent has already been contacted and you will be meeting up with Agent ____ at _______ on _____ after the proceedings of the evening. 

You will be given additional instructions upon your arrival at your destination.


I included a "secret code" that I made simply by using a dingbat font and matching it to the alphabet.

I used free fronts from that went along with the detective theme:
Digital 7
Top Secret (use end brackets [  ] to close up the words)

The manilla folder was cut to size from an actual folder and then folded and rounded to make it look like a real folder.

Come back next week and see how 
we revealed the surprise party to the birthday boy!