Detective Birthday Party, It's Party Time!

If you've missed all the fun details that went into planning the Detective Birthday Party, you can find parts one and two here:
The Invite
The Reveal

Since the party involved a sleepover, we didn't want to pack the party full of "things to do" and pretty well just went with the flow. The boys were all very excited about the party and sleepover, as the sleepover was a first for all of them. Too excited to sleep in, they awoke bright and early at 6:00 the next morning to play the new board game! I'm sorry, I did not get a picture... I was asleep.

They spent all morning playing together and the actual party (food and gifts) was held at noon. Before the boys could come to the official party, each child had to be fingerprinted and given his disguise.

I was able to find goofy disguise glasses and little magnifying glasses at our local Dollar Tree. Then, I quickly threw together a little sheet for the finger printing at the "Finger Print Station".

Despite the fact that the glasses might have been a little large, the boys loved them immensely!!

The party consisted of normal kids party food. I suppose I could have earned some extra "cool mommy points" by thinking up some cool detective names for everything, but I didn't take the time for it and they were none the wiser.

The cake had me stumped for a while, but my husband came in and saved the day with a few ideas!

We created a mini file folder out of yellow fondant and a set of Easy Writers decorating markers. Then, as you can see, we added some simple foot prints, a giant finger print, and a magnifying glass. I threw in a trick candle, but for some reason, it would work and only acted as a normal candle. He still loved the cake and thought it was the coolest thing ever!!

All though we didn't put much money into it, just some creativity, the party was a big hit and one that he will remember for a long time!