Travel Across the USA: Home of Superman

Welcome to the beginning of my new Travel Across the USA series!

As I mentioned previously, our family has traveled across the US extensively since the beginning of 2013 due to some life changes. This has given us the unique opportunity to visit many tourist traps sites, some have been fun and amusing, others very educational. I'd like to share some of them with you! Follow along with me...

Our first stop in this series is Metropolis, IL, the Home of Superman...

Destination:Metropolis, IL 

Major Attraction: 15-foot high statue of Superman

Cost: Free
Web links:
Ideal for: Kids and comic enthusiasts 

What we did: Since we were only driving through, we just hit the main Superman attractions. We got photos with the famous 15-foot tall Superman statue in Superman Square. If you walk a block or two, you’ll find a little shop where you can find some Superman memorabilia. The shop won’t be hard to spot since there’s a smaller flying Superman statue hanging off the s…

Guest Bedrooms: The Extras

As mentioned in my post Guest Bedrooms: The Essentials, there are a few things that every guest room should have. To provide extra comfort for your guests, there are a few simple things you can add to your guest room. 

Obviously, the extent to which you can add amenities depends on the size of the space you have available. Remember not to over-crowd the room, you don't want your guests feeling claustrophobic; your guests will need to have space to place their suitcase and belongings. 

Extras for the Guest Bedroom
1. Wifi  With the technology of today, wifi really should probably be listed on the “essential” list. However, since one truly can live without it (shocking, I know!), I’m listing it here under “extras”.
Always make sure to provide a wifi password. Sometimes guests may not feel comfortable asking for the password, even if they know you have wifi. Be sure to write down the password in case your guests have multiple devices. If you want to have fun with it, try framing the wifi …

Guest Bedrooms: The Essentials

Thanksgiving is only a couple short weeks away and Christmas four weeks later. Visitors are common over these holiday seasons and everyone is making a mad scramble to get their guest room in order.

As stated previously, our family has been traveling across the U.S. staying in many hotels, motels, missions apartments, prophet's chambers, and guest rooms. The guest rooms we've stayed in have been quite varied - some are simply a private bedroom, while others, such as "prophet's chambers" attached to a church, are more like a small apartment complete with a small kitchen and living room area. Obviously, we are very grateful for any type of accommodations! It is always such a blessing to be able to stay in a place where we can relax and feel at home after having traveled for many miles. For my own sake, since I'd like to have a guest room myself some day, I've decided to keep a list of things that are essential for a guest room and also a list of notes and &qu…

Recipe: Antipasto Pasta Salad

A while back, our church held a "Missions Sampler". The ladies who participated each represented a missionary and their country. It was very interesting to see each of the different countries and the food representing that country.

I chose to represent the country of Italy. It wasn't too difficult for me to come up with ideas since my husband's family is Italian.

My in-laws had returned from a trip to Italy shortly before this time, so I was grateful to have some of their souvenirs to display on the table. Aside from the food, I also included some information about our missionary to Italy and some facts about the city in which they serve.
I made some Iced Italian Cookies. As you can see, this little guy enjoyed them quite a bit! 

Another one of the dishes I made was Antipasto Pasta Salad - it was so delicious!! I could not find the "perfect" recipe, so I combined several and came up with my own. I must say, it turned out amazing!

Egg Hunts on the Farm

It's that time of the year again when things come back to life! Spring is my favorite time of the year for that very reason! I just love it!!

As children living in the country, we used to search all over the farm looking for new nests and little bird eggs every spring. Of course, we were sternly warned not to bother the eggs in any way, but it was always such a thrill to find a nest filled with beautifully created eggs!

Recipe: Shrimp and Chicken Scampi

I tried another new recipe this past week. Knowing that my kids haven't learned to appreciate seafood yet, I decided to add chicken to a shrimp scampi recipe I found. I also altered a few more things about the original recipe, making my own.

My husband loved it and so did my boys!