Detective Birthday Party, The Reveal

Last week, I shared with you the first stages of our Detective birthday party, The Invite.

Remember, my son had no idea that we were inviting a couple friends over for his party. He knew there would be a party at some point and that it would most likely have a detective theme, usually meaning just a cake decorated in that theme. Little did he know what else was planned...

We were planning on picking up his friends after our Wednesday night church service, so we thought it best to not reveal our plans until just before we left. My husband came home from work without my son's knowledge and then made a detective-style phone call to our house phone to inform the little agent where to find a secret message (the reveal message). Knowing he would call, I handed the phone to my son when it rang - he was a little perplexed, but immediately assumed the role of a detective.

He found the message without incident and sat in shock as he read it and comprehended it's meaning.

It read:

Attention: Agent _____

You have been selected for a secret mission.

Date: ____

Location: ______ (where he was meeting his friends)

Mission: You must find Agents ____ and ____, then bring them safely back to headquarters in _____. Together you must successfully reach Level 7 of the aging process. This is an overnight mission and you must return them safely the following day.

Your first mission is to decipher the code below:

(inserted "birthday party" in the secret code)

Your commander has already been contacted and your mission has been approved. You will also be working with Agent ___(little brother), Agent D (as in Dad!), and Agent M (as in Mom!).

You will be given additional instructions upon your arrival back at headquarters.


Needless to say, he as one very excited little boy agent, especially since he was going to have his very first sleepover!!

For information about the design and fonts I used in the reveal card, see my previous post, The Invite

Make sure to come back to see more about the party!!