Recipe: Antipasto Pasta Salad

A while back, our church held a "Missions Sampler". The ladies who participated each represented a missionary and their country. It was very interesting to see each of the different countries and the food representing that country.

I chose to represent the country of Italy. It wasn't too difficult for me to come up with ideas since my husband's family is Italian.

My in-laws had returned from a trip to Italy shortly before this time, so I was grateful to have some of their souvenirs to display on the table. Aside from the food, I also included some information about our missionary to Italy and some facts about the city in which they serve.

I made some Iced Italian Cookies. As you can see, this little guy enjoyed them quite a bit! 

Another one of the dishes I made was Antipasto Pasta Salad - it was so delicious!! I could not find the "perfect" recipe, so I combined several and came up with my own. I must say, it turned out amazing!